A few more constellations


AriesetalA last few constellations (click picture for larger view)

If it’s clear at night there are a few more constellations you can try to find.  Aries is not very impressive to look at but if you’ve figured out how to find Taurus, look for two somewhat bright stars together in the sky about half way from the bull’s head and the horizon at around 8:00 pm.  Mars is just below Aries right now, so use it to help find the constellation.

A little further to the right (North) and a little higher in the sky are three stars that make up a very nice triangle.  The name of that constellation is Triangulum, how appropriate is that.  Keep looking a little further to the North and you may just make out the great big letter V that is the Princess Andromeda.  If you can find Andromeda, see if you can find the Andromeda Galaxy from where your live.  Start at the point of the V right on the horizon and find the second star on the left branch, go straight across to the star on the right branch, continue on the same distance and look for a fuzzy blob of light, about the same size as the Full Moon.  That is the billions of stars that are the Andromeda Galaxy.

A little further North and a little higher in the sky and you’re back to Cassiopeia.  Right between Cassiopeia and Taurus lies Perseus.  Perseus looks a little like a couple of fish hooks, stuck together.  Further North from Cassiopia and you’re at Ursa Minor and just a little further to the East is Ursa Major and your back to where we started.

On clear nights be sure to go out and practice your stars and constellations under the real sky and on cloudy ones fire up Stellarium.

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